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Teena Jones, LICSW


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About Mindful Therapy

Are you struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety? Are you finding that your ways of coping, once helpful, are no longer productive, or perhaps you never really learned how to live with effectiveness and awareness? Therapy can be one solution, offering you a safe place to make changes to old patterns that hold you back. My aim is to aid you in developing the insights and skills you need to thrive – to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled in life. Therapy works best when we collaborate toward mutually created goals in a respectful and affirming setting. Our work may involve…

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Teena Jones, LICSW

I am a very solution oriented therapist which means that I want to help you create more of the life you want to be living by learning new ways to process or view your past, present and future. I believe that your answers lie within you and I get the honor of helping you discover and uncover your passion and motivation. Together, we will create custom, targeted treatment goals that respond to your individual needs.

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Solutions and New Beginnings for Individuals, Groups and Couples

Individual Psychotherapy

People enter therapy for any number of reasons. The motivation to seek help often reflects three fundamental features: you are facing a tough life…

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Group​ ​Counseling​​​

Groups can be an effective way to learn new skills and connect with other people
who are experiencing similar emotions or situations …

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Couples​ ​Counseling

Couples counseling isn’t just for couples experiencing trouble. In fact, many therapists say that going early on ― and continuing to go …

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Suggested Articles

Here are a few articles that will be changed regularly that you may find helpful.
Feel free to contact me with comments and ideas about readings that have been
helpful to you that may also be of benefit to someone else.

Reducing Anxiety

There are several evidence-based therapies that are known to be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety. Educate yourself and try new skills with an open mind and you might find new skills to help reduce your stress.